CALL to ACTION: Veto HB7069

CALL TO ACTION: Please contact Governor Rick Scott and ask him to veto HB7069, an awful 274 page bill that includes House Speaker Richard Corcoran's legislative priority, "Schools of Hope", designed to encourage out of state, for profit corporate charter chains to set up their networks in Florida (the Walmarts of Charter Schools).  Schools of … Continue reading CALL to ACTION: Veto HB7069

The Privatization of Public Education Will Be Decided in Private

Yesterday, the Florida House took one giant step towards privatizing public education passing HB5105. HB5105 clears the path for out of state, charter school corporations to establish networks of schools across the state. The bill, referred to as the "Schools of Hope" bill, was a priority of House Speaker Richard Corcoran and passed along party … Continue reading The Privatization of Public Education Will Be Decided in Private

Crony Capitalism and Charter School Networks

Betsy DeVos is visiting the SLAM charter school in Miami today. SLAM was started by Pitbull and is part of Florida's largest charter chain, Academica. Academica is the same charter chain that owns Key West Collegiate (a charter high school) and the recently approved charter middle school which will share the same campus space on … Continue reading Crony Capitalism and Charter School Networks

Is Rubio Ready to Help DeVos Privatize Public Education? It appears so.

Here is something we need to keep our eyes on: Washington is looking to privatize public education and Marco Rubio appears to be poised to help. From The Trump administration is considering a first-of-its-kind federal tax credit scholarship program that would channel billions of dollars to families from working-class households to enable their children to … Continue reading Is Rubio Ready to Help DeVos Privatize Public Education? It appears so.

Get Educated about Education

If you want to be an effective advocate for our public schools, you need to understand the current threats to the system. Following the initial UKAN meeting, this blog was written to help get team members "up to speed." I have reblogged it here, in its entirety, from : Angry About DeVos? Get Educated About … Continue reading Get Educated about Education

Welcome To The Education Team

The appointment of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education was a wake up call. It is clear that the very existence of public education, as we know it, is threatened by education "reform" policies, supported by Ms. DeVos, aiming to privatize the public education system. Florida's public school system has been under attack since … Continue reading Welcome To The Education Team