Sign up for rapid response to Mueller firing (if it happens)!

In recent days it’s become increasingly likely that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s aggressive, highly professional investigation may well cause Trump to fire him, with the tacit support of most Republicans in Congress.

We simply cannot allow that to happen.  The truth about Russia’s meddling in our recent election and the full extent of the Trump campaign’s complicity in it MUST COME OUT! This is NOT a partisan issue.  The future of American democracy is at stake!, Indivisible and other resistance organizations are already pro-actively organizing a massive, rapid, national response they’re calling “Nobody is Above the Law” that will launch immediately, if and when Mueller is fired.

 Check out the Nobody is Above the Law site and enter your zipcode to connect with an action near you. If  you’re in in the Upper Keys that will probably be a meeting at the Key Largo Library or some other location (date obviously also TBD) to plan how we can most effectively, quickly join what are sure to be MILLIONS of other patriotic Americans rising up in protest.

Relevant media reports

It’s now clear that at least a few members of the Trump campaign (including Don Jr. and Jared Kushner) welcomed (or were at least interested in) Russia’s offers to meddle in our elections and may well have acted on those offers. Here’s Congressman Adam Schiff (D-California, ranking member of the House Select Intelligence Committee) summarizing all that on MSNBC, November 1 (YouTube – start at 2:30 to see Schiff’s summary):

And here are Nicolas Kristof’s (New York Times) observations of what Trump operatives and Republican extremists are doing NOW to try to lay the groundwork for Mueller’s firing – “Robert Mueller in the Cross Hairs

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