June Meeting- THIS Wednesday, June 21st!


In case you missed it, UKAN’s Coconut campaign made the front page of the Free Press.  One of our coconuts and photos of the meeting with hundreds of coconuts displayed were included along with an article describing out efforts to gain Curbelo’s attention.  You can reach the article in the Keys News archive!

June Meeting Next Wednesday!
Continuing our Summer of Action, our June meeting will be the first ever Resist and Persist Potluck and  UKAN Townhall at the Key Largo Library Community Room on WEDNESDAY, June 21 at 6:30 PM.  The change of day is a result of library scheduling.  Mark your calendars for a evening that will include food for the body, for the mind, and for the community.
Bring finger foods to share, a reusable cup, and a plate to reduce our impact on the environment. We are collecting non-perishable food items for the Burton Food Bank in support of those in need in our community!  Join your fellow UKANers for a social evening to share food, ideas, and personal reflections on our political environment.

After we enjoy a light dinner together, Brenda Pierce will kick off the discussions by sharing her political experiences in Tallahassee. A UKAN Town Hall will follow as UKANers share their own stories, their concerns, and ideas for what our group can do to help our country change direction.  Issues Team Leaders will be there to answer questions and make sure your ideas become our upcoming actions.

Following our Town Hall, our June meeting action will be adding personal notes to invitations for Congressman Curbelo encouraging him to join us IN PERSON  in the Keys for a UKAN Town Hall during his next recess July 3-7th.

Mark your calendar for an enjoyable evening of dinner, discussion, and political action with like minded people!

UKAN T-Shirts
The last chance to order your UKAN T-shirt this summer will be at the June meeting.  Please plan to pay up if you have already ordered one (or more)!  The next opportunity to order a UKAN T-shirt will be at one of our Fall meetings!
Stay involved, stay informed, and take action…

Yes, UKAN!
Together, We Can!

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