Occupy Miami's photo.

►May 20th, 2017 @ 3:00–5th Annual March Against Monsanto Omni / Adrienne Arsht Center Metromover Station
►After Party Following 4:30 PM at Toejam Backlot. in Wynwood.

In light of the Bayer/Monsanto Merger —
Help us make this the biggest and best march ever!

Come together! We must be the change we wish to see!
Calling all eaters, creative’s, families, farmers, foodies, fair food, wage & trade, unions, social justice groups, climate change groups and all stewards of the planet, the 2017 March Against Monsanto is fast approaching! Whereas we have had in previous years 2000 people march in Miami alone and over 10,000 people across our great state! Help us make this march the strongest impact ever!

Our goal is to have another amazing community event, with all of our collective, diverse groups gathering together under the Adrienne Arsht Metro Mover to march in solidarity for the health of our people, our water, soil & planet, our farmers around the world and to save biodiversity of seeds, stop the genetically Modified mosquitoes and to educate the citizens of Miami about the adverse health effects associated with GMOs & glyphosate and expose Monsanto’s corrupt business practices.

We aim to inform the community about what we are putting in our bodies and encourage people to be the change they wish to see by supporting local farmers, voting with our dollar, growing our own food and sharing with our neighbors.

This is a peaceful march and family friendly event so bring the kids!! BRING COLORFUL, CREATIVE SIGNS, COSTUMES, CHANTS, & DRUMS! Carpool, Uber or Lyft, take public transportation, and be sure to bring a refillable water container! (PLS NO PLASTIC) Let’s march for a beautiful GMO-Free world!

Please support the March & After party!

►PRESS CONF. 3:00 PM (At The March, under the Omni/Arsht metro mover)

Toejam Backlot in Wynwood 4:30 PM (Directly after the March)

Featuring: Reverend Billy And The Stop Shopping Choir
Plant-Based Comedian,
Pulse & Remedy, LLCColony1 Jolt Radio and Urban Paradise South Florida UPG GrowSocial The Salt Suite Fort Lauderdale
The Florida Keys Environmental Coalition Wudhi-Energy Medicine

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