Important Message from Floridians Against Fracking Coordinator

Hey Friends,

Today was the last committee day in the Florida legislative session. It’s been an unpredictable two months, but even I was surprised when a majority of the Senators in the Rules Committee either voted in favor of Senate Bill 1238 or gave their tacit approval by abstaining. And after my surprise came anger: after all, it is infuriating to see legislators put the profits of utility companies over the well-being of Florida’s seniors, ratepayers, and retailers, as well as front-line communities in Oklahoma.

On this issue, it’s us against the utilities, and now the full Senate–and members of BOTH parties–need to decide who they want to represent. You can help push them in the right direction by doing two easy actions:

      1. Tell your State Senator to request that Senate President Negron table SB 1238, and
      2. Tell your State Senator to vote NO on SB 1238 if Senator Negron ignores seniors and ratepayers and puts the bill on the agenda

I really believe that our organizing efforts stopped this bill from gliding through both chambers unopposed. Let’s finish what we started and pull the plug on this dangerous energy legislation.


Doug Miller

Floridians Against Fracking Coordinator

& Campaign Director | ReThink Energy Florida

c: 850.766.6867

Some background on Senate Bill 1238 for those not familiar:

  • It would let Florida electric companies take hundreds of millions of dollars per year from residential ratepayers and use them to finance out-of-state natural-gas exploration projects (fracking). You, the ratepayer, would bear 100 percent of the risk of these ventures., regardless of the drilling outcome.

The bottom line is “call your senator” :

ANITERE FLORES 305 222 4117 and say this:

  • Senate Bill 1238 is bad for Florida consumers. Florida electric companies should not be allowed to use ratepayer dollars to invest in risky natural gas reserve development in other states. If this is such a great investment, let the shareholders bear the financial risk. Thank you for listening to your constituents and supporting Florida consumers!


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