The Privatization of Public Education Will Be Decided in Private

Yesterday, the Florida House took one giant step towards privatizing public education passing HB5105. HB5105 clears the path for out of state, charter school corporations to establish networks of schools across the state. The bill, referred to as the “Schools of Hope” bill, was a priority of House Speaker Richard Corcoran and passed along party lines, with every Republican, including our own Holly Raschein, voting yes.
“After the vote, HB 5105 immediately went to the Senate. Lawmakers in that chamber haven’t discussed at all the creation of “schools of hope,” let alone funding the policy with hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Now it appears, rather than debate the merits of the bill in an open senate committee, with stakeholder input, “both chambers agreed Thursday to negotiate a compromise in a conference committee of House and Senate members as part of budget negotiations. That all but ensures that some form of the “schools of hope” bill will become law in 2017-18.”

In Florida, it appears, the privatization of our public schools will be decided in private…

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