Tax March – Saturday, April 15, West Palm Beach

UKAN’s Government Corruption team invites you to join Rise Up!, Indivisible South Florida, Women’s March Florida, and South Florida Activism in West Palm Beach to demand transparency from the president. Until we see President Trump’s taxes, we won’t know if and when his decisions benefit him and his family – or the American people!

A recent Washington Post/ABC poll found that 74% of Americans (including 49% of Americans who voted for Trump) say that Trump should make his taxes public! As of April 9, about a thousand concerned citizens have signed up on Facebook to march in the West Palm Beach and more than a hundred thousand other Americans plan to march on April 15 in cities and towns across the USA. It’s gonna be YOOOGE!

The demonstration in West Palm will begin at 12 PM in front of Trump Plaza. Our route will take us to Bingham Island, near Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s “weekend White House.”  Bring signs, drums, noise makers, instruments, flags, banners, whatever. For directions and other details, visit the national Tax March website, scroll down to the “Florida” > West Palm Beach” link.

Email UKAN’s Government Corruption team ( if  you (1) plan to drive from the Upper Keys to West Palm Beach and back on April 15 and can offer other UKANers space in your vehicle or (2) need a ride. We’ll do the match-ups and notify you!

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