Urgent Call to Action! Crippling EPA House Vote Tomorrow!

Update: Just spoke to Curbelo’s DC Office and the aide told me that he is still undecided on this vote for tomorrow! Please call and put the pressure on!

The House will vote on HR 1430, the HONEST ACT, on Wednesday, March 29th.  This bill is anything BUT honest!  It is intentionally oblique legislation which requires that, when developing rules, the EPA only utilize scientific studies whose data, code, and other materials are publicly available online.  It also requires that all results be independently reproducible.  This may not sound crippling, but one needs to understand how the EPA (and science!) works.  The requirements deviate from the established norms of the scientific community and are designed to cripple scientific research at the EPA.  It allows industry lobbyists and EPA-opposed politicians to delay or block credible peer-reviewed studies.  CALL CARLOS CURBELO TODAY at  (305) 247-1234 and/or (202) 225-2778 and demand that he opposes this bill.  Tell him that we really appreciate and want to thank him for being a climate leader and co-sponsoring the Republican Climate Resolution (more on that later), but that he can’t simultaneously be a leader on the climate front and vote to cut down the science behind EPA at the same time!  We demand that he stands up and becomes a true leader and defender of our environment… no cuts to the EPA!

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