Urgent – call Rep. Curbelo about Trump’s taxes!


“Tomorrow, with Republicans still reeling from a massive health care loss, House Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee—thanks to Representative Bill Pascrell—will force a debate and vote on whether the U.S. Treasury should submit the past ten years of Donald Trump’s tax returns for Congress’s review.1

Let’s make sure the Capitol Hill phones of Ways and Means Committee members ring continuously today with calls of support for Rep. Pascrell’s request to see Trump’s tax returns—so the committee members and their staff know that their constituents want them to use their powers of congressional oversight to defend our democracy.

Can you call Ways and Means Committee member Representative Carlos Curbelo right now?

Here’s where to call:

  • Rep. Curbelo – (202) 225-2778

You can say, “Since Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns, Congress must compel the Treasury to hand them over. I’m in full support of Rep. Pascrell and fellow Democrats who are pushing for the truth.”

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