Top Ten Lessons Learned about Accomplishing Effective Political Action

Presentation at the Inaugural UKAN meeting  27FEB2017

  1. Find your raison d’être—for me it’s science matters. Your big picture vision should anchor all your actions.
  2. Set a course to your destination—learn to stay on course; avoid the noisy distractions of the daily news in all its media formats.
  3. Do your homework—on issues BEFORE meeting with your member of government. Facts are out there; get them.
  4. Focus like a laser on your strategic plan—divide tasks into doable short-term actions. The devil is in the details. Start at
  5. If you see something that needs doing: take action. Remember, if YOU don’t do it; it may never get done.
  6. Use UKAN is an umbrella to collaboration with others—our job is to communicate and collaborate to magnify our actions because no one can do it alone.
  7. Don’t reinvent the wheel—Take advantage of existing platforms to amplify our voices at local, state, and federal levels. Thanks to the twitter feed and facebook, this can be nearly instantaneous!
  8. Make your message memorable—like the coconut campaign. The Keys are already distinctive, so we must take advantage of that in our messaging.
  9. Keep it local—governance is best the closer it gets to the people. People are motivated to action by a close, emotional connection to an issue; focus on issues currently facing the Keys.
  10. Focus on 20/20 vision—for a clear chance at fair, representative democracy in the future, we need to have 20/20 vision, a laser-like focus on the 2020 Census and the 2021 redistricting process!

Are you ready to take action? Let’s get started! Yes, UKAN!

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