Welcome To The Education Team

The appointment of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education was a wake up call. It is clear that the very existence of public education, as we know it, is threatened by education “reform” policies, supported by Ms. DeVos, aiming to privatize the public education system.

Florida’s public school system has been under attack since Jeb Bush was governor. Bush-created Foundations have ruled over Florida education policy with an iron fist. Their strategy, put simply, has been to defund public schools, label them failures through a test and punish “accountability system”, blame the failures on the teachers’ union, and replace public education with vouchers to private schools (preferably, in Ms. DeVos’ case, religious schools) or provide on-line computer instruction.

If you want to join us to save Monroe County’s public school, join us.  Here you will find research,  identification of policies of concern, and calls to action to stop the destruction of public education and to defend our children’s futures.

The Education Team Leader is Sue Woltanski. Sue is a public school advocate who leads the group, Minimize Testing Maximize Learning, and writes Accountabaloney, a blog outlining problems in Florida’s Education Accountability system (accountabaloney.com).

We are looking for people ready to advocate for public education. The time to act is now.

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